When the first reports of Covid-19 positive cases were appearing in The United States, it seemed to be fleeting and controlled. However, fast forward to many months later and every single person in the world has been heavily impacted by this virus. Not only do we have to protect ourselves by social distancing and washing our hands, but we also must do our best to protect or family, loved ones, and colleagues. The home care industry has been greatly impacted by Covid-19. The seniors that we provide care for are the most vulnerable when it comes to being affected by the virus. First Assist Nursing and Home Care is doing everything and more in our power to not only protect our clients but also our caregivers.

The following ways are new protocols that we have implemented that will help to continue keeping our seniors and caregivers safe and healthy, during this daunting time.

Woman with COVID-19 Mask


Wearing Mask and Gloves At All Times

All caregivers with First Assist Nursing and Home Care are required to wear their mask and gloves throughout the entire duration of care when they are in the homes of a client. Not only does the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) recommend mask usage to prevent the spread of any potential virus droplets, they also recommend gloves to keep germs at bay. First Assist requires our caregivers to change gloves regularly and wash their hands (for at least 20 seconds!) between every glove change.

Nurse Giving Patient Medication


Maintaining 6 feet Distance

Home Care can be very personal. Caregivers need to be able to get close to their clients to assist them with many activities of daily living. This includes assistance with getting up and sitting down, assistance with meals and medication, or assistance with using the bathroom. In the current age of Covid-19, it may be hard to maintain the CDC recommend 6 feet distance. However, in an effort to continually keep both caregivers and clients safe, we do require that caregivers keep a 6 feet distance unless they are specifically helping with activities of daily living. This new standard still leaves plenty of room for quality care and safety.


Reporting Symptoms

Although there are a range symptoms for Covid-19, the CDC states that the three most commons symptoms are “coughing, fever, and shortness of breath.” Not only have we instructed our caregivers to notify us if they notice any of these symptoms with their clients and especially with themselves, we’ve made it a priority to also recognize less common symptoms. Symptoms such as loss of taste and/or smell, Gastrointestinal symptoms, and fatigue are less common symptoms of Covid-19, but the earlier the detection—the better. Our caregivers know to notify the agency at the slightest change in our clients so that we can be proactive in keeping them safe.

Although the road at the end of this Covid tunnel seems far, we are invested and prepared for the long haul. First Assist Nursing and Home Care will continue to do everything in our power maintain the safety and health of our valued clients and caregivers.

Couple with COVID-19 Masks