As we get older, Home Care becomes necessary. Whether you are getting home care for yourself or for your loved one, having a skilled caregiver in the home is a great necessity. However, there are many misconceptions on whether home care is affordable and how to begin looking for a caregiver. One of the best and most recommended ways for finding a great caregiver is through an agency—like First Assist Nursing and Home Care. An agency handles all the heavy work by background checking and verifying caregiver credentials, matching the personalities of both the caregiver and the client so that it is a great fit, and also handling all the monetary parts – so that the client doesn’t have to. So, what are a few ways to handle Home Care Payments?

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Many older adults have Health insurance that include Long Term Care policies. These policies are usually included in many private health insurance plans. Long Term Care policies cover home health aides and skilled nurses. First Assist Nursing and Home Care accepts many Long-Term Care polices from many insurance companies. A quick call can verify your insurance companies’ acceptance. Your policy dictates how many hours per day your insurance company will cover for you or your loved one to have a caregiver. This is important, because a lot of people are unaware that they could have caregivers covered by their insurance company for many hours out of the week. Completing an Assignment of Benefits, guarantees that the agency will handle all the bills associated with your care such as paying the caregiver, so that you do not have to.



It’s not unusual for clients to pay for home care services themselves. It is quite common. Sometimes clients will even split home care costs between themselves and members of their families. Having a caregiver not only benefits a client, it also gives families a peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is being taken care of properly. Self-Payments are easy, they can be done through checks or a credit card on file with the agency. It all starts with a great rate, which First Assist Nursing and Home Care, guarantees. This makes the process of paying for home care easy on you and your family.

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Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government. Medicare is good way to pay for home care services, however not all home care agencies accept it. It’s an option that’s available, but its best to call an agency to check if they accept Medicare prior to starting care.


The best way to go for home care services is through an agency, where there are multiple options to pay for services. Remember that an agency exists to make you and your family’s life easier by handling all the bills and paperwork associated with home care. We are here to help.

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